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Non Peroxide Gel stripsNon Peroxide Gel strips

Non Peroxide Gel strips

    Item Name: 3D Teeth Whitening Strips

1. Usage:

Only two steps to whitening teeth.

Once everyday, 30 min every time, weekly whiter, 28 days will have snow white teeth.

Step one

Stain remover

New US formulas teeth whitening pen

Before use the pen, brushing tooth.

Then apply 1ml layer teeth whitening gel on the surface.

Wear the whitening strips immediately.

The whitening factors(The new ecological free oxygen) penetra enamel, dentine, disintegrate the stain, remove the stain.

Step two

Strong whitening strips

Now take the strips.

Longer one apply the upper teeth.

Shorter one apply the lower teeth.

Keep 30 min, AOP whitening formulas can remove stain on teeth, gap between teeth, and repair every tooth one by one, then you will got deeply whitening results.

2. Application: 

Teeth stains caused by Coffee, tobaco, Genetic, Tetracycline, Food coloring, aging etc.

3. Advantage:

Microporous infiltration

Beautiful smile teeth whitening strips got the EUROPE STOMATOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION assist;

Use the most advanced tooth whitening technology, from eucalyptus leaves, such as mint plant extracted effective whitening scouring factor;

AOP can clearly bacteria and plaque between the mouth and teeth, whiter discolored teeth were one by one,

teeth whitening pen and teeth whitening strips kits eliminate black yellow and plaque, dental purple, bright white teeth Under the condition of without harming your teeth, in the shortest possible time.

3ML deeply teeth whitening strips

According to tooth structure morphology, tooth dentin tubule of structure, From the surface of the pulp to radiate out in glaze dentine community throughout the teeth, Diameter is about 3-4 microns, the enameal is very thin, more 1 micron when close to the surface, and very sparse.

AOP whitening factor whitering teeth.

AOP whitening factor enter to the Tooth enamel and dentine.

AOP whitening factor working on the teeth enamel.

It is time to say goodbye to yellow tooth and to showing your Hollywood smile now.

BrandBeautiful smile or Custom brand
Item typeTeeth whitening strips, dental whitening strips
Content14pouches/ box(14 pcs lower, 14 pcs upper strips)
Ingredient1-8%hp gel/ non peroxide available
Packagecustomization & set package
SamplesSample free(less 2 sets, need pay shipping cost by paypal
MOQ500 box Natural packagecustomed package, MOQ 3580 Pack.
Delivery timeStandard package, in 7 working days. Customed brand, in 30 working days
Application timeTwice everyday, 7 days a treatment
Guaranteein 24 months
Whitening results30 MIN: effective formulas begin working, remove the stain, yellow & black teeth become lighter.
7 days: effective formulas permeate dentine and enamel, deeply disintegrate stain, yellow teeth become pure white, make you smile with confidence.
28 days: Form a strong protective layer, Prevent pigment deposition,Release the white teeth. Promote 3-8 shade guide.
Packing size52*51*37cm for 500 box.GW:25KG
HS code33061090

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