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    Convedent portable dental unit is A fully self-contained air dental system, which designed for mobility and ease of use. With a reinforced outer case design, our unit extremely durable, making it great for field environments when high portability is needed.

2/4 Pin High Speed Handpiece Tubing  1 pc (Handpieces are Optional Purchase)
2/4 Pin Low Speed Handpiece Tubing  1 pc (Handpieces are Optional Purchase)
3-Way Syringe  1 pc 
High Volume Evacuation 1 pc 
Air Compressor  1 pc high quality buit-in 550W silent oil-free air compressor
S/S 6 Liter Air Tank  1 pc
Water Container  1 liter 
Waste Container  1 pc
Multi-Functional Foot Pedal  1 pc
Power Supply  220V/50HZ; 110V/60HZ; 550W
Air Flow 130L/min
Max Pressure  0.8Mpa
Noise  40db 

  1. Mould-made shock resistant ABS material out casing , prevent from damage during transportation. 

  2. Built in vacuum generator. External circulation with clean airflow, which could secure handpiece and suction system work at the same time and keep the suction strong.

  3. Multifunctional two -in one foot pedal which control both of the handpiece and scaler, more convenient.

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