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Office Teeth Whitening Lamp

Office Teeth Whitening Lamp

    Model No. HR-666

    Economic cost

    Less weight

    Low investment


2 pcs Goggle.

1 pc remote control

1 pc mouth retractor

20pcs disposable sheet

1pc Control box

1pc English user manual

Power suppler: 100/240V, 50/60Hz

Wavelength: 430nm~490nm

Light source: 4-5W

LED bulbs: 4pcs

LED light intensity: up to 2500mW/cm2

1.4pcs Japanese bulbs, high power

2.Turnable bleaching time with microprocessor -controlled timer presets

3.High sensitive Remote controller setting function

4.Small base size design,suitable use in all kinds dental clinic, adjustable hight of the lamp;

5.Enclosed Disposable sheath, prevent cross infection, clean& convenient

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