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Salon Teeth Whitening Lamp

Salon Teeth Whitening Lamp

    Model No. HR-888

    Really mobile whitening lamp,

    Easy to install and carry,

    Convenient home-visiting teeth whitening services.


2 pcs Goggle.

1 pc RFC card(Optional)

1 pc manual book

Operating Voltage: 100~240VAC, 50~60Hz

Wavelength range: 390~490nm

Powerful OSRAM blue LED, 12 W

Number of the small LED lamp: 12 pcs

Led life expectancy: >50,000 hours

Control way: RF IC card control

Parts: 2pcs glasses, installation tool, power line

Package: aluminum alloy case

CE & FDA approved

Come with Traveling case. can do teeth whitening anywhere anytime.

Easy to fix up

Whiten 5-14 shade guide in only 30 min

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